Bird Spirit Of Woodstock Festival 2015

24.7.2015 - 2.8.2015

Ten days of love, peace and joy with international bands, the DreamSpace Electronica Fest, the Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering and Mirapuri's one and only original Bavarian Oktoberfest in Italy with free entrance and friendly prices for food, drinks and Hotel accommodation

Festival Artists 2015

Michel Montecrossa
and his band The Chosen Few

Mirapuri Cyberschlager, Orgastica-DJ, Cyberrock, Cyberdance, and New-Topical-Songs
We love Expo Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa, internationally acclaimed Cyberrocker, Cyberschlager, Dance, Electronica, Orgastica-DJ, Topical-Song Writer and Founder of Mirapuri and the Spirit of Woodstock Festival created more than 2200 songs and 50 symphonic compositions. For the Expo 2015 in Milan he wrote the song “Give The Planet Energy Of Life – Donate Al Pianeta Energia Della Vita”. The extraordinary work of Michel Montecrossa is constantly moving further. Fusion of all song-styles, symphonic music and music movies unite to form his unique Cyber-Rock-Schlager-Dance-Electronica-Orgastica and Topical-Music which he performs together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and his band The Chosen Few.
In addition to his outstanding musical career Michel Montecrossa also is a masterful painter, writer and movie-maker.
All Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara and The Chosen Few CDs, DVDs, Downloads and merchandise is available at the Mirapuri-Shop on the festival ground and in the internet at

Band Members: Michel Montecrossa (Vocals, Guitar, Midi-Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Piano, Percussion) • Mirakali (Guitar, Keyboard, vocals) • Diana Antara (Keyboard, vocals) • David Butterfield (Bass) • Mirachandra (Digital Drums) • Artis Aldschalis (E-violin)

Festival of Peace, Love & Happiness - Michel Montecrossa’s song for announcing the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2015 in Mirapuri
‘Ich Bin Der Typ - I’m The One’ - title song of Michel Montecrossa’s Cyberschlager Album 'Ich bin der Typ'
Michel Montecrossa Festival Movie: Give The Planet Energy Of Life – Donate Al Pianeta Energia Della Vita | Buy Michel Montecrossa Audio-CDs, DVDs and Books from


Mirapuri Dance, Electronica, Orgastica-DJ & Cyberrock

Mirakali is a fantastic songwriter singing from her thrilling core of humanity, power, love and beauty. Her rockin, soothin' and dancin’ 21st Century songs go along with her abundant creativity as breathtaking cyberartist, moviemaker, poet and writer. One can experience Mirakali live during the Michel Montecrossa Concerts and various Mirapuri Festivals. Her music is released by Mira Sound Germany.

Michel Montecrossa says about Mirakali's music:
"Mirakali is a stunning electronica singer and songwriter with a warm and brilliant female power expressing itself in her music and lyrics, dedicated to love, peace, freedom and a deep sense of humanity. Her futuristic dynamic creations are moving beyond all conformity in the free air of vision and the high art of a wonderful personality."

Band Members: Mirakali (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard) • Michel Montecrossa (Guitar) • Diana Antara (Keyboard) • Mirachandra (Digital Drums) • David Butterfield (Bass) • Artis Aldschalis (E-violin)

Mirakali Festival Movie: Starbringing Heroes
All Mirakali Song, Movie, Book and Art info at:

Diana Antara

Mirapuri Cyberrock, Dance, Techno-DJ & Electronica

Diana Antara joined Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few and since then expresses her exuberant talent as singer, songwriter and performing artist, bringing her unique Cyberrock, Dance, Electronica songs and instrumentals to the stage, to the studio and to the movie. One can experience Diana Antara live during the Michel Montecrossa Concerts. Her music is released by Mira Sound Germany.

Diana Antara about her music:
"Music for me is life: it is light, it is strong and wide. The dream that touches deep the heart and the energy, that turns you on and makes you happy and feel good. It's great to play futuristic Cyberrock and Dance Electronica. As a singer I express love and the experience of life. Music is for me the key to dynamic outlooks, strong feelings and the intense push to go higher."

Band Members: Diana Antara (Vocals, Keyboard, Programming) • Michel Montecrossa (Guitar) • Mirakali (Guitar, Keyboard) • Mirachandra (Digital Drums) • David Butterfield (Bass) • Artis Aldschalis (E-violin)

Diana Antara Festival Movie: Future Dance
All Diana Antara Song, Movie, Book and Art info at:


Singer / Songwriter from Denmark

Using the artist alias Alaudidae the Danish singer and songwriter Lærke Corfix is launching her solo project. The debut album “Whitewater” was released on November the 28th 2013.
The musical journey seriously gained momentum in the early spring of 2012, where inner lyrical images from and of a very special and specific time found its contours.
Melodies and lyrics developed in the settings of a small dusty studio flat located in a picturesque Parisian mew. The material was tested on different copple stoned backyard alleys and sidewalk cafés, and appraised by world citizens in transit.
The lyrics convey an array of sincere moments and propagate into a rough unpolished sound, with brushes of authenticity, which form the foundation for fervent and universal themes with eternal verities. Parallel with the production of “Whitewater”, Alaudidae performed live on streets, in clubs, and cafés in Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen.
“Whitewater” is produced with musical support and backing by Paw Eriksen (Bite the Bullet, former member of Highway Child), and was recorded in TAPF Studio in January 2013 and thereafter mixed and mastered in Black Tornado Studios CPH late in the summer of 2013.

The Skys

Rock from Lithuania
The Skys

The Skys is the leading rock band in Lithuania. It is also the most recognised Lithuanian band abroad. The band released four albums: “Civilized” (1997), “Dreams” (1999), “Postmodern Game” (2004) and “Colours of the Desert” (2011).
The band had many solo gigs and participated in various festivals in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, France, Germany, USA, Poland, Austria etc..

About Aphrodite

Contemporary Live Electronica from Germany

Embed with poesy and imagination and inspired by the great symphony of the world, Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning creating wonderful soundtracks in a unique atmosphere and club-grooving sound. The Theremin, the oldest electronic tone generator played without any physical contact, meets the grand piano completed by saxophone, flute and lyrics,

Electric Cake Salad

Alternative, Electro, Rock Band
from England
Electric Cake Salade

ELECTRIC CAKE SALAD are an alternative/electro/rock band from the Midlands. The trio is comprised of Steve Gianolio-Jones (guitar, vocals, programming), Rob Leaver (bass) and Mick Morrell (guitar, backing vocals). The band are signed to Flicknife Records.
Electric Cake Salad burst onto the Midlands scene back in 2005 with a distorted mix of crunching guitars, pulsing drum loops and midi samples. They effortlessly traverse a multitude of different genres, fusing together 80s and 90s rock and old-school rave and electro. Even styles as diverse as dance, drum and bass, electronica, dubstep and hip-hop are not beyond their fingertips; they have meddled with them all, taking them apart and stitching them back together in their own unique way.
Guitarist and vocalist Steve said, “We don’t sound like other bands. We aren’t aware of other bands that mixes in 80s rave with rock and electronica. It’s something that’s unique to us. We didn’t start out with some grand plan; we’re like musical magpies – if something sounds good, we’ll borrow it, change it, and turn it into something new.”
Critics, too, have been quick to point out how unusual Electric Cake Salad’s methods are, with notable reviews in Record Collector Magazine, Pure Rawk Magazine, an excellent album review in Ryan’s Gig Guide and the local press. They have also received international and regular airplay on TBFM Radio and various internet and FM stations. Guitarist Mick added, “We are defined by our unique sound – there is no drummer – all our sounds are mixed together through drum machine and electribe midi’d together.”
When the band is not re-defining genres in the studio, they are making waves on the live circuit, performing at clubs and festivals up and down the UK. Regular faves of the festival scene, they have also recently been seen on stage throughout the UK as support to Jesus Jones, Hawkwind, Psychedelic Warlords and Wolfsbane.
Electric Cake Salad have released four albums to date, including ‘All Right For The Wrong Reasons’ ‘Emobiliza’, ‘E-ssential Ingredients. Their most recent effort, ‘CTRL+ALT+DEL’, was produced by Wolfsbane's Jason Edwards at Majestic Splendour Studios. All releases are available from all major digital retailers.
In June 2014, Electric Cake Salad released the single, ‘Baby Firefly’ to critical acclaim through local, national and international airplay. This included a two-hour special on TBFM Radio concentrating on Electric Cake Salad’s music, interviews and bands that influenced or could be linked with Electric Cake Salad. In October 2014, 'Baby Firefly' was reissued and reached the Number 1 spot in the TBFM charts for 2 weeks based on listeners and airplay.
Electric Cake Salad are signed to Flicknife Records

Unpainted Blue

Electro-Pop from Germany
Unpainted Blue

Blue. Colours. Explosions.
Unpainted Blue create Electronic Indie Pop with their own world of musical colours. A clear female voice, electric guitars, ranging from minimal to large sound walls, and pumping synths are the source of a musical journey that goes deeper than many other electro pop music. From the first second on images rush through the head, motivating to dream and to dance.
Once immersed into the flowing masses an musical explosion is guaranteed..


Dance, Ambient, New Wave from Switzerland

Three young musicians from Basel carving out their own style of dance-y rock - a bit funky, a bit indie. The band will take you on an incredible journey through their own universe of sound: impulsive beats, tuneful loops, tight basslines and a constantly changing attitude that is full of mystery and ambiguity.


Reggae from Germany

Already their Debut-Album “rEvolution pARTy", which has been released in summer 2012 convinced of songs, sound and lyrics not just only Reggaefans but also critics, press and radio.
Singer-SongwriterTommy Kaub's impressing voice and his charismatic-aggressive guitar-works set an example, as his - against the mainstream - extremely political and critical, profound and honest lyrics.
He prefers using the german language - sometimes with english parts- intelligent to intellectual and with an own easiness and charm; and in common mind with Marley, Tosh or also Lennon - with much message and engagement for the people.
'Reggae (or being an artist) implicates engagement and civil courage'; in USA the debut-album was on index immediately.
After the RootMission-Festival-Tours 2013+2014 all over Reggae-Germany with great artists like Mellow Mark, Ras Abraham, Singing U., The Busters, Mad Professor, Redhed, Joe Ariwa, Lady Marga, Vitamin X, Black Prophet, Mystic Man und Mamadee Wappler the 2. studio-album “RootMission“ soon come in 2015.
Live SUPERJAM present own songs of the outstanding albums “rEvolution pARTy“ and “RootMission“, but also all smash-hits from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Diana King, Sean Paul, UB40, Inner Circle, Rihanna, 10CC, Eddy Grant, Alicia Keys, Eagles, Garland Jeffries, Dawn Penn and many more.
Rocking for Love, Singing for Peace, Jamming for Freedom!


Indie-Rock from Germany

Noch in den Kinderschuhen schlagen Lars (Gitarre) und Hendrik (Drums) mit Hammer und Meißel Löcher in die Wand des alten Gebäudes in Ostfildern und bauen ihren eigenen Proberaum. Sie basteln an ihrem Sound, gründen eine Band nach der Anderen und nehmen die unzähligen Wechsel der nicht ernstzunehmenden Musiker in Kauf. Doch dann endlich, nach schweißtreibenden Zeiten, starten sie mit Cloey als Frontfrau eine ewig währende, musikalische Romanze.
Harte Muff-Gitarren und eine zuckersüße Stimme treffen aufeinander und verschmelzen ineinander –ähnlich wie „Cola küsst Orange“. Ihnen ist von Anfang an klar, dass es die wahre Liebe ist. Cloey, Lars und Hendrik wissen sofort, dass es passt. Die Band spielt mit den Gegensätzen. Mischt hart und weich, schön und hässlich, clean mit jeder Menge Dirt. Und Cloey ist die Figur, die all das verkörpert. Als Cloey wagt die Band neue Wege zu beschreiten, sie tun worauf sie Lust haben, erfinden sich neu, probieren sich aus. Mit Erfolg. Nichts wird im Zaum gehalten und neben der Band ist scheinbar auch das Publikum außer Rand und Band.
Mit Siegeswillen in die Schlacht
Die Drei entwickeln eine Eigendynamik, die sie schneller auf große Bühnen stellt als erwartet… Nach ein paar Studiosessions, deren hervorgegangene Produkte eher der Entwicklung der Band dienten, als der Öffentlichkeit, geht es mit großen Schritten dem Musikbusiness entgegen. Jede Niederlage wird in Kauf genommen um reicher an Erfahrungen zu werden. Die drei Musiker widmen jede Minute ihrer Musik.
Über Empfehlungen gelangt die Band 2013 an ihren Produzenten Tim Bonassis (Liquido). Er kreiert mit seinem Hang zur futuristischen Musik die erste Platte unter Cloey. Eine leidenschaftliche Affäre: Arrogante Gitarren und smarter Gesang treiben das jugendliche Dasein Cloeys ins Unermessliche. Pop-Stimme, Alternative-Sound und jede Menge Dirt ergeben eine Liaison, die jedes Indie-Rock-Herz zum schmelzen bringt. Gewagt. Wie immer. Aber wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt. Und so macht der neue Sound auch nicht vor Nickolas Müller (Ex-Frontmann bei Jupiter Jones) halt. Er widmet seine Stimme dem kleinen aber feinen Song „Hol den Sommer zurück“. Ebenfalls tut dies Rapper Samadhi aus Stuttgart.!


Pop Trio from England

Mouth is a German/Italian/Scottish alt pop trio based in London and Cambridge. Their music encompasses genres from trip-hop to psychedelic folk to a kind of punk rock played on piano.
However, one constant is the band's love for quirky, often dark and ethereal sounds, taking inspiration from experimental rock bands such as Radiohead and Cocteau Twins, as well as radical female performers Amanda Palmer, PJ Harvey and Björk.
Mouth's debut album ‘Núna’ is due for release in January 2015. As a pretaste, the double single 'Ancestor // Blood Beat’, which featured twice on the BBC 6 Music Introducing Mixtape, is now available on the band's website.


Alternative Rock from Germany

Junk DNA – This is the name of the 5 piece Alternative Rockband from the south of Germany.
Born to play live! - With the force of a Grizzlybear and the destruction radius of an atomic bomb, this band won’t leave the stage until it’s destroyed.
They came, they saw, they conquered!

My Refuge

Heavy Metal from Italy

My Refuge is a band formed in 2010 near Milan, Italy. Its musical style is a blend of Heavy/Power Metal with Prog and Thrash influences. October of that same year saw the release of a five-piece record, the EP "3407 Picture Of An August Night ".
In 2012, with a stable, deeply revamped line-up, the band started creating new stuff and recording new material.
In 2013 the band has begun performing live, recording in the meantime a second self-produced EP, “Living In Anger”, which paves the road for the release of the first “debut album”, due out at the end of the year.


Fuzz / Heavy Pop / Sadcore from Germany

We are 4 girls, found together in Leipzig and still live there. 2 of us are playing together since 2012 (Jani & me), the other 2 joined in 2013 (Anna) and '14 (Tarcy). In public we usually play in little pubs or youth centres. Sometimes on very small festivals, until now we've always played in Germany.

Vortice Di Nulla

Post-Rock Strumentale from Italy
Vortice Di Nulla

I Vortice di Nulla nascono a Crema (Cr) nel 2004 dalla voglia di tre vecchi amici di formare una band di rock alternativo. Il progetto si trasforma ben presto in qualcosa di diverso ed il gruppo inizia fin da subito a cimentarsi in lunghe cavalcate strumentali caratterizzate da dolcezza melodica e furia noise-psichedelica. In questi dieci anni i Vortice di Nulla non si sono mai fermati, hanno registrato tre dischi e continuano a disegnare nuovi orizzonti, donando un tocco estremamente personale a quello che la critica chiama "Post-rock strumentale". Negli ultimi anni infatti il gruppo ha pigiato il piede sull'acceleratore, sviscerando un'anima punk che forse non pensava di avere. Per il decimo anno consecutivo allo Spirit Of Woodstock i Vortice di Nulla sono pronti a divertirsi e far divertire, presentando al pubblico i brani di ultima composizione.

Don Rodriguez

Rock from Italy

DON rodriguez: trio rock italiano in attività da gennaio 2012. I DON rodriguez rappresentano una originale realtà musicale, partcolarmente apprezzata per le linee melodiche, le chitarre taglienti e la solida base ritmica - il tutto con piglio vintage e testi cantautoriali. Liberamente ispirati a Don Rodrigo dei promessi sposi, i DON rodriguez hanno all'attivo la pubblicazione dell'EP sotto forma di demo “Cardiocadute Ep”, 2 brani in presa diretta registrati ad aprile del 2012. “Canzoni per organi a cane” è invece il secondo EP, contenente 6 canzoni sempre in presa diretta e risalenti alla stessa sessione di registrazione, ma editate in seguito. Nonostante la recente storia della band, i DON rodriguez si sono fino ad ora esibiti in molti live ottenendo un ottimo riscontro in termini di pubblico, compresa l’ammissione alle selezioni regionali per Arezzo Wave 2013. Anagraficamente i DON rodriguez sono nati tra il 1975 e il 1978.

State of Grace

Hard Rock from Italy

Gli State Of Grace sono una hard rock band italiana nata ufficialmente nel Dicembre del 2014. Propongono brani inediti con testi in inglese ed alcune cover sempre in hard rock style.

State of Grace on Facebook


Rock from Germany

Polis ist eine Plauener Rockband mit starker Affinität zum Seventies-Sound und einem Hang zum instrumentalen Größenwahn: Komplexe Arrangements, fettes Rockbrett und die eine oder andere große Geste vereinen sich im ganz eigenen Klang der Band. Der Konzertbesuch erspart auch gleich den Gang ins örtliche Instrumentenmuseum. Über aller musikalischen Finesse steht ein klares Bekenntnis zu Liebe, Freiheit und einem friedlichen Zusammenleben, welches den direkten Weg über die deutschen Texte in die Köpfe der Zuhörer findet. 2011 wurde das erste Album EINS veröffentlicht. Nach zahlreichen Gigs im In- und Ausland, Airplay bei Radio R.S.A, Radio Unicc und Radio T und einer aufwändigen Schallplatten- und Videoproduktion wurde Anfang 2014 der Nachfolger SEIN herausgebracht.

All songs, videos and photos © by the artists.

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