Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2024 in Mirapuri, Italy

CyberRocker Michel Montecrossa started the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri together with the Mirapuri’s one and only original Bavarian Oktoberfest in Italy.

Every year a new spirit of music of courage and hope, sweetness of soul and strength of joy reaches out for the future along with hearty festival feastin’ and drinkin’ and international coming together.
The Spirit of Woodstock Festival is creative with the mighty dream of Unity, Love and Freedom. Guest musicians from all over the world come together to play and sing along with Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and their band The New Chosen Few and an enthusiastic audience for five days and nights every year in July. Since its inception in 1993 the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri with its continuous five days flow of international music and brand-new Cyberrock, Cyberschlager, Cyberdance, Cyberviking, Orgastica-DJ, Cyberpoetry and New-Topical-Songs along with the Mirapuri’s one and only Bavarian Oktoberfest in Italy has developed into one of Europe’s greatest Free Music Event with free entrance and friendly prices for food, drinks and Hotel accommodation.
The Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy every year stands out as a unique European Music-Experience-Event with international flair and an inimitable atmosphere of Love and Joy.

In addition to the live Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, the Infinity Season of the Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival concert series in Mirapuri, Italy takes place in the internet featuring every month a new Virtual Spirit of Woodstock Festival concert by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and their band The New Chosen Few which you can see here on the festival site or on the Michel Montecrossa homepage.

In 2024 the next full-length Live Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy will take place again for five days on 7th August – 11th August 2024.

The artists for 2024 are:


Michel Montecrossa

Mirapuri Cyberrocker, Cyberschlager, Electronica-Dance, Orgastica-DJ and New-Topical-Singer/Songwriter

Michel Montecrossa
The Festival Happiness Song Michel Montecrossa
  • The Festival Happiness Song

Michel Montecrossa, internationally acclaimed Cyberrocker, Cyberschlager, Electronica-Dance, Orgastica-DJ and New-Topical-Singer/Songwriter and Founder of Mirapuri and the Spirit of Woodstock Festival created more than 2500 songs, instrumentals and orchestral compositions. The music of Michel Montecrossa and The New Chosen Few is music of Joy and Love giving Hope, Peace and Happiness.
In addition to his outstanding musical work Michel Montecrossa also is a masterful painter, writer and movie-maker. At the festival you can see as special event ‘The Energy of Art Exhibition’ of new Michel Montecrossa paintings and drawings.

All Michel Montecrossa CDs, DVDs, Downloads and merchandise are available at the Mirapuri-Shop on the festival ground and in the internet at www.Mirapuri-Shop.de

Band Members: Michel Montecrossa (Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Keyboard, Piano) • Mirakali (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard, Shamana Drums) • Artis Aldschalis (E-Violin, Keyboard) • David Butterfield (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) • Moonkiss (Virtual Drums)


Mirapuri Cyberrock, Electronica-Dance and Orgastica-DJ

The Heart Of A Hero Mirakali
  • The Heart Of A Hero
Mirakali is a future oriented Original Cyberrock and Dance-Electronica singer/songwriter from Mirapuri as well as Orgastica-DJ musician. She sings and plays together with Michel Montecrossa and their Band The New Chosen Few.
Band Members: Mirakali (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard) • Michel Montecrossa (Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Keyboard, Piano) • Artis Aldschalis (E-Violin, Keyboard) • David Butterfield (Bass) • Moonkiss (Virtual Drums)


A new Prog Metal experience

Hamáhólo' Ogo Cyrax
  • Hamáhólo' Ogo

CYRAX is the meeting of inventive Italian musicians living in the neighborhoods of Milan. All began in 2012, when Marco Cantoni met Antonio Rubuano and Paolo Musazzi, and they instantly started writing music. Based on some original Marcos’s ideas, Cyrax’s songs were written in late 2012, gradually assuming strong progressive and experimental traits. In 2013 Cesare Ferrari and Paolo Biocchi joined the project. In march the group records its debut album, Reflections, which has been worldwide published in october 2013 by Musea. The second album Pictures was recorded during the summer of 2014 and published by Bakerteam Records. At the beginning of 2015 Paolo Musazzi left the band. Tour started in December 2015, and after several line up changes, Gianluca Fraschini and Martin Chionna joined the band and played a crucial role in the composition of the third album. “Experiences”, was released in December 2020 under Wormhole Records. During the recording sessions a young pianist by the name of Jacopo Bonora joined the band, and a few months later Cyrax recorded with him 5 songs for their new ep “Metamorphosis”.

In this new Ep the band chose to re-visit some of their older songs and completely change them, adding new instruments, orchestrations, choirs and much more. The style of these songs is now completely unique to each one of them, and they represent the ever-changing and evolving style that Cyrax adopted as his own.

Band Members: Marco Cantoni (Vocals and Choirs) • Gianluca Fraschini (Guitars and Choirs) • Lorenzo Beltrami (Drums, Percussions and Choirs)

Flatmates 205

Pop-punk band

Flatmates 205
Gli Ammutinati Del Bounty Flatmates 205
  • Gli Ammutinati Del Bounty

I Flatmates 205 si formano a Mirafiori, zona sud di Torino a fine 2015. Il primo concerto è nel gennaio 2016, e da quel momento il gruppo comincia a fare live, conoscendo altre band a concorsi come Pagella non solo Rock (dove nel 2017 arrivano terzi), e organizzando concerti a Torino e in giro per il Piemonte, come al “Balla coi Cinghiali Festival” dove aprono a Eugenio in Via di Gioia, Macabra Moka e Woodoo Dolls. Propongono musica di genere pop-punk, di ispirazione primi anni duemila, cantata in inglese e italiano. Punti di forza del gruppo sono il coinvolgimento col pubblico, che sovente ricambia con moshpit e supporto.

Il 2018 coincide con l’ingresso in studio, e il 13 aprile 2018 esce il primo Ep, da 5 brani, “Leave it All”. Nell’estate 2018 il gruppo gira in Piemonte promuovendo il disco, suonando a diversi festival locali e concerti (Ingria W. Festival, Green Day Italia Fest, Macs Inghio…) e aprendo a due gruppi stranieri in tour:
The Lillingtons (USA) e i Drongos for Europe (UK).

Il 2019 comincia con la preparazione all’uscita di un nuovo singolo, e la data milanese a marzo con Dany (Ex Pornoriviste) e Scacciapensieri (ex Peter Punk) presso il Legend Club. Da qui la primavera è ricca di live a Torino, tra cui anche l’apertura agli inglesi Hospital Food allo Ziggy Club e agli Andead al Blah Blah. A Giugno esce il singolo A Matt’s Story (primo videoclip). Nel mese di settembre la band entra nel roster di Scatti Vorticosi Records e dopo un autunno di date, a dicembre la band entra in studio per registrare il prossimo ep.

Il 27 marzo 2020 esce il secondo ep, “Shelbyville”, via Scatti Vorticosi, anticipato dal videoclip di “Born in the West Coast”.

Nel 2021 esce la versione acustica del brano “Shelbyville”, forti delle esperienze anche di set acustico sviluppate nell’era covid dei concerti.

Nel 2022 il singolo “Quelli del Drosso” pre anticipa l’uscita del successivo album.
“Pacific Ways”, il primo album in formato LP, composto da 8 tracce, di cui 4 cantate in inglese e 4 in italiano, esce il 7 aprile 2023, seguito dal release party il giorno seguente presso il Blah Blah Torino. La promozione del disco lungo l’annata tocca 18 tappe, in tre regioni italiane, e portando il gruppo all’estero per la prima volta, nelle città francesi di Montpellier e Marsiglia.

Band Members: Ian Meneguz (vocals, guitar) • Yuri Sandron (guitar, b-vocals) • Samuel Lamparelli (bass, b-vocals) • Simone Cottura (drums)


Mix of heavy metal, thrash metal, and nu metal

Man On The Table Crownlake
  • Man On The Table

In the smoldering musical cauldron between Verbania and Domodossola, the powerful flame of Crownlake came to life in 2011. The founding members (vocalist Chris Da Ros and guitarist Aram Kalaydjian) catapulted their musical passions into the abyss of metal, forging a sound that is pure, dynamic, and, let’s say it without mincing words, fucking yeah!

Power Surge of 2022:
New elements join the metal brotherhood as Crownlake experiences a power surge in 2022 with the addition of Alessandro Berini on bass and Andrea Palumbo on drums. These exceptional musicians have brought new levels of power and precision, solidifying the unique sound of Crownlake. This fusion of rebellious minds has birthed a project that goes far beyond traditional musical boundaries, transforming metal into a captivating and irresistible experience.

The Sound:
Crownlake’s sound is a sonic tornado embracing metal in all its forms. From thunderous riffs to frenetic rhythms, their mix of heavy metal, thrash metal, and nu metal is a wild journey that knows no bounds. Armenian ethnic influences intertwine with pure power, adding a distinctive and unexpected touch to their repertoire.

Crownlake has graced the stages of the most iconic festivals, from Grave Party to VooBstock, Pirates of Rock to a triumphant first prize at Bustock (Busto Arsizio) in 2014. Their presence is like thunder resonating, an experience etched in the memory of anyone within their reach.

The Future:
Crownlake shows no signs of slowing down. Their burning flame continues to create emotions, rebellious riffs, and an explosion of energy, soon giving birth to a new EP.
Let’s get the assault started!

Band Members: Chris Da Ros (vocals) • Aram Kalaydjian (guitar) • Alessandro Berini (bass) • Andrea Palumbo (drums)

Boobs Lickers

Funk Rock Psichedelico from Italy

Groovie Effect Boobs Lickers
  • Groovie Effect

I “Boobs Lickers” sono un trio Funk Rock Psichedelico nato a Verbania intorno al 2013 dalle menti dei suoi creatori:

-Giovanni Scalfi : Voce 1 – Basso Elettrico-Chitarra Acustica.
-Luca Suman: Voce 2 –Cori- Chitarra elettrica- Chitarra Acustica- Tastiere.
-Alessandro Rossi : Batteria- Tastiere-Pianoforte

“Crediamo fortemente nelle grandi emozioni che la nostra musica ci regala e ci stupiamo di quanta grinta e spontaneità emanano i nostri corpi ogni volta che saliamo su un palco. Siamo definitivamente una Live Band ma nonostante cio’, ci siamo impegnati a fondo affinchè nelle nostre produzioni risuonassero queste caratteristiche!”.

“Grezzi, Sudati ed un po’ sopra le righe, determinati nel raggiungere gli obbiettivi che ci siam posti: Ritagliarci il nostro spazio a suon di Funky Music all’interno del panorama underground della musica Italiana ed estera”.

Band Members: Giovanni Scalfi (vocals, bass, guitar) • Luca Suman (vocals, guitar, keyboard) • Alessandro Rossi (drums, piano)
Flag of Austria

The Spooky Guests

Psychobilly, Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly and Punk from Vienna, Austria.

The Spooky Guests
The Mystery Man The Spooky Guests
  • The Mystery Man

THE SPOOKY GUESTS – Wreckin’ with the spook! Brought to life in the catacombs of Vienna by Thore Tornado, a renowned Guitarist in the Viennese music scene. International class, hooked on Rock ‘n’ Roll and on traveling. The faster, the louder, the farther the better. The EP „UP TO THE TEN“ (El Corredor Records, 2021) was produced and recorded of one’s own bat in November and December 2020. Lyrics were provided by lyricists from Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain and USA. It is available on all relevant download portals around the globe and the songs are getting constant airplay on various radio stations.
The Spooky Guests are stylistically moving in the punk hemisphere. Psychobilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Punk is lived and celebrated. Hair styled, beer grabbed and off you go, that’s the plan!

Band Members: Thore Tornado (vocals and guitar) • Lukas Hofstätter (drums) • Manfred Taibl (slap bass)


4 ragazzi di milano spaziano dal cantautorato psichedelico ad un rock più articolato

How To Go Insane Mathela
  • How To Go Insane

I Mathela sono una band difficile da categorizzate in un genere musicale, i 4 ragazzi di milano spaziano dal cantautorato psichedelico ad un rock più articolato. Il gruppo dopo essersi fatto strada nel panorama milanese riesce a suonare in molti locali e in numerosi festival. A inizio 2023, preceduto da 3 singoli, viene pubblicato, con l’etichetta PAF Lab Records, il loro primo Ep: “In apparenza”, prodotto insieme a Flavio Bargna. Le 5 canzoni raccontano di una visione riflessiva sulla realtà che ci circonda, narrando la ricerca esigente di un’identità singolare all’interno della società odierna.


The Guy From The Hills

Folk / Blues from Italy

The Guy From The Hill
Poor Black Mattie The Guy From The Hills
  • Poor Black Mattie

Il progetto The Guy From The Hills ha origini lontane ma si concretizza sul finire del 2018 ed è la celebrazione di un amore viscerale per il blues più scarno, crudo, primordiale.
Dopo anni passati a suonare con diverse band ho deciso che dovevo assecondare il bisogno di intraprendere un viaggio più intimo e personale. Così ho costruito una wine box guitar ed ho selezionato un repertorio composto da brani di grandi personalità del Delta blues, Hill country blues e folk, oltre che ad alcune composizioni originali.
The Guy From The Hills è una chitarra, una voce e qualche storia da raccontare


Euphoria Zero

Rock Melodico e Hard Rock Classico Italiano.

Euphoria Zero
Abbraccio Perfetto Euphoria Zero
  • Abbraccio Perfetto

Rock band novarese con influenze blues e hard/rock ma rigorosamente in lingua italiana.
I’idea nasce da Andrea “Jimmy” Geraci (voce e autore dei testi) nel 2014. Inizialmente il progetto è pensato unicamente come lavoro in studio fine a se stesso.
Soltanto alla fine del 2021, con l’arrivo di Cristian Pinna alla chitarra e Laura Rivera al basso, alcuni brani precedentemente scritti, vengono riarrangiati e con l’aggiunta di Jean Luca Pinna alla batteria, il quartetto lavora a nuovi brani.

Band Members: Andrea “Jimmy” Geraci (vocals) • Cristian Pinna (guitar) • Laura Rivera (bass) • Jean Luca Pinna (drums)

All That Drama

Rock / Pop

All That Drama
Good Girl Gone Mad All That Drama
  • Good Girl Gone Mad

All That Drama è un gruppo originario di Novara, i cui membri sono Lisa Barletta alla voce , Gianluca Poma alla chitarra, Alessandro Prestigiacomo al basso e Massimo Sinatra alla batteria.
La nostra musica è energia, è freschezza, è rock con una bel pizzico di pop, fa divertire ma ti fa anche emozionare. Per noi è fondamentale far trasparire chi siamo attraverso i nostri inediti e creare una connessione con chi li ascolta. Abbiamo suonato in diversi locali del nord Italia e la definizione più adatta per descriverci sul palco è “esuberanti”: l’interazione con le persone per noi è tutto.

Band Members: Lisa Barletta (vocals) • Gianluca Poma (guitar) • Alessandro Prestigiacomo (bass) • Massimo Sinatra (drums)

Kozmic Blues

Janis Joplin Tribute from Italy

Kozmic Blues
Piece Of My Heart & Half Moon Kozmic Blues
  • Piece Of My Heart & Half Moon

I Kozmic Blues nascono nel 2017 con l’intento di omaggiare la più grande voce bianca del rock blues, Janis Joplin, e lo spirito della generazione di Woodstock.

Band Members: Laura (voce) • Marcello (chitarra) • Alessandro (basso) • Simone (batteria)

The Skys

Rock from Lithuania

The Skys
Communication The Skys
  • Communication

The Skys is the leading rock band in Lithuania. It is also the most recognized Lithuanian band abroad.
The band had many solo gigs and participated in various festivals in Europe, Canada, USA and Japan,
The Skys shared the stage with Rick Wakeman (ex-YES), Blues Brothers, The Exploited, Lifesigns, Delirium, John Young Band, Arena and many more.

Band Members: Jonas Čiurlionis (vocals, lead guitar) • Božena Buinicka (keyboards, vocals) • Carlo Morelli (drums)

Festival Artists: