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In the smoldering musical cauldron between Verbania and Domodossola, the powerful flame of Crownlake came to life in 2011. The founding members (vocalist Chris Da Ros and guitarist Aram Kalaydjian) catapulted their musical passions into the abyss of metal, forging a sound that is pure, dynamic, and, let’s say it without mincing words, fucking yeah!

Power Surge of 2022:
New elements join the metal brotherhood as Crownlake experiences a power surge in 2022 with the addition of Alessandro Berini on bass and Andrea Palumbo on drums. These exceptional musicians have brought new levels of power and precision, solidifying the unique sound of Crownlake. This fusion of rebellious minds has birthed a project that goes far beyond traditional musical boundaries, transforming metal into a captivating and irresistible experience.

The Sound:
Crownlake’s sound is a sonic tornado embracing metal in all its forms. From thunderous riffs to frenetic rhythms, their mix of heavy metal, thrash metal, and nu metal is a wild journey that knows no bounds. Armenian ethnic influences intertwine with pure power, adding a distinctive and unexpected touch to their repertoire.

Crownlake has graced the stages of the most iconic festivals, from Grave Party to VooBstock, Pirates of Rock to a triumphant first prize at Bustock (Busto Arsizio) in 2014. Their presence is like thunder resonating, an experience etched in the memory of anyone within their reach.

The Future:
Crownlake shows no signs of slowing down. Their burning flame continues to create emotions, rebellious riffs, and an explosion of energy, soon giving birth to a new EP.
Let’s get the assault started!