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CYRAX is the meeting of inventive Italian musicians living in the neighborhoods of Milan. All began in 2012, when Marco Cantoni met Antonio Rubuano and Paolo Musazzi, and they instantly started writing music. Based on some original Marcos’s ideas, Cyrax’s songs were written in late 2012, gradually assuming strong progressive and experimental traits. In 2013 Cesare Ferrari and Paolo Biocchi joined the project. In march the group records its debut album, Reflections, which has been worldwide published in october 2013 by Musea. The second album Pictures was recorded during the summer of 2014 and published by Bakerteam Records. At the beginning of 2015 Paolo Musazzi left the band. Tour started in December 2015, and after several line up changes, Gianluca Fraschini and Martin Chionna joined the band and played a crucial role in the composition of the third album. “Experiences”, was released in December 2020 under Wormhole Records. During the recording sessions a young pianist by the name of Jacopo Bonora joined the band, and a few months later Cyrax recorded with him 5 songs for their new ep “Metamorphosis”.

In this new Ep the band chose to re-visit some of their older songs and completely change them, adding new instruments, orchestrations, choirs and much more. The style of these songs is now completely unique to each one of them, and they represent the ever-changing and evolving style that Cyrax adopted as his own.