No Limits Band Covers Demo No Limits
  • No Limits Band Covers Demo

No Limits, covers and original music! The band plays neo prog and some International rock legendary successes and also original music from Laura’s album “From the outside In”. The band is very powerful and has an elegant and original sound and “unconventional” songs chosen for the track list.

No Limits are:

Laura Piazzai: Vocals
A strong, epic and very powerful voice, warm and recognisable. She is able to colour every song with details that make her interpretations special and distinctive by her unique voice. Her voice have been chosen by many international and Italian rock artists for their albums that will all come out this year in September.
She has also been asked to join the international rocker Clive Nolan’s theatre company in the UK in the role of “Makaria” , the “baddie” Viking demi goddess.
The big project Imaginaerium based the album on her voice and will be available in some days with the earbook format of “The Rise of Medici” and epic orchestral rock opera written by Clive Nolan and Eric Bouillette and recorded in the UK. Fb: Laura Piazzai Vocalist – Instagram: laurapiazzai

Antonello Epifani: Keyboards & Vocals
Influenced by most 70’s famous progressive rock and electronic bands he is really a 360° music lover. At the end of the 70’s after study at the Franco Cerri’s school “Nuova Milano Musica” he start play around with many live bands.

Gökhan Ince: Bass
Turkish grown up in Germany. A very distintive and elegant sound of bass. Gökhan is very talented and plays many different genres with passion and involvement.

Fred Atti: Guitars
With a good mental openness and a strong eclectic sense, he likes to play many kinds of music from Jazz to Prog Metal. This project spurs him to improve and innovate by stimulating his creative vein.

Fede Ramoni: Drums
He is a promising young drummer, graduated in classical percussion, now studying as Sound Engineer at the Civic school in Milan.
He is active in various musical projects of different genres, orchestras, recordings and live concerts.

Simone Milliava: Guitars
He is a guitarist graduated from the High School of Music Piero Gobetti in Omegna as a classical guitarist.
He has participated in numerous masterclasses of different genres, musical projects, recordings and live concerts.