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THE SPOOKY GUESTS – Wreckin’ with the spook! Brought to life in the catacombs of Vienna by Thore Tornado, a renowned Guitarist in the Viennese music scene. International class, hooked on Rock ‘n’ Roll and on traveling. The faster, the louder, the farther the better. The EP „UP TO THE TEN“ (El Corredor Records, 2021) was produced and recorded of one’s own bat in November and December 2020. Lyrics were provided by lyricists from Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain and USA. It is available on all relevant download portals around the globe and the songs are getting constant airplay on various radio stations.
The Spooky Guests are stylistically moving in the punk hemisphere. Psychobilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Punk is lived and celebrated. Hair styled, beer grabbed and off you go, that’s the plan!